Does OL shops make your life easier or harder?

Well, most of you must’ve had experiences looking for things up online (or else you won’t find this blog). The basic understanding that I captured is that it is about the use of IT to communicate messages as a business to others (both internally and externally). In this interconnected world, information travels in a very high speed across the globe. We can buy a pair of thongs today and review it within the next 2 hours. Then people all over the world can straight away read it.

As an Instagram addict, I’ve been looking up so many online shops such as Shop Jeen (‎), Save Your Sole, Sabo Skirt, and many more. You can find all online shops that uses Instagram as a promotional platfrom through this link

I often find myself surprised with the kinds of products offered through social medias. Such as “Save Your Sole”, it sell soles for people’s branded shoes or sandals, those that doesn’t want to get their soles ruined by cements. And I guess if you spend a bit more time browsing through Instagram, you’ll find yourself in my position of awe and raising an eyebrow. Well, I guess those people do have the ability to take advantage of social media (esp. when it’s FREE!).




Please leave comments below, and do let me know any OL shops you found to be weird, quirky yet interesting at the same time! :D.

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15 thoughts on “Does OL shops make your life easier or harder?

  1. The thing that drives me nuts about online shopping is a poor checkout function. if I cannot pay you in 2 secs, then don’t bother. No need to tempt me with pretty pictures if I can’t have that gratification of buying IT! LOL 🙂

  2. Another big barrier with online retailers are high shipping costs, often not declared until the last minute in the checkout process. As a result, we see a lot of online shopping carts being “abandoned” at the checkout.

    What strategies have you seen that reduce the chance of shopping cart abandonment?

    • That’s true! Especially for high-end products. What I found is that many online shops now have a special tab that specify all handling and shipping costs, as well as the estimated delivery time. In some articles I also found that many shops are using ‘free shipping’ as a strategy to induce their customers to purchase. Even some shops such as one of my fave (, I believe they’re trying to make customers checking out their cart through giving special discounts or deals for the next purchase and free gifts for that current purchase. I guess there will be much more strategies used by online shop owners, perhaps more subtle ones.

  3. Well it does make my life easier, especially because the price is usually significantly cheaper than B&M prices. But online shopping means you put trust in their description and pictures that the product you will receive will looked like that. If bad luck is on your side, chances are the product you receive differs from the description, and you would have to do extra effort to return/replace. So unless I know exactly what the product looks like, I prefer go to physical store.

    • There will always be some aspects of traditional retailers that cannot be replaced by online retailes. Such what u said about trust, meaning security. Another aspect is also the effort required to return or refund the item if we changed our mind or turns out to be different than our expectation. I did buy a lot of stuff that are ended up in the closet, canb’t be bothered to exchange/return lol. The traditional shops’ atmosphere can’t also be replaced with ol shops don’t you reckon? How many times a month do u shop online? (If it’s ok that I ask)

  4. I personaly love OL shopping as it does save a lot of my times! you can literaly having so many options from many brands with a single click. the only cons is sometimes they don’t provide real picture of the things, rather only use picture from internet or any other sources. Despite that, I love it 😀

    • True. It happened to me once. The color appeared to be different than the one online. Major difference, not just minor. Very disappointed at that time. But I still shop there lol.

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