Humanity in Online Community


Sknite. (April 10, 2013). Human Trafficking in Romania. [photograph]. Retrieved from

Some of you may have watched ‘Taken’, a movie starred by Liam Neeson. This is somewhat similar, but extended into deeper contexts (I’ll explain more as we go on).

This post is about sharing my thoughts of how we can contribute in stopping cruelty towards human being through simple clicks over the internet. Many not for profit organisations have been using social medias and webpages as online platforms to raise people’s awareness as well as encouraging the larger communities to get involve in certain issues. Once you’ve read this post, please let me know any thoughts of how to contribute in stopping or reducing this issue.

I went to Hillsong Conference this July 2013, and joined several workshops for 5 days, and one of the workshops that I attend was about human trafficking hosted by Christine Caine. Since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about humanity, how people are treated, and how lucky we are for sitting on the other side of the fence. Human trafficking has been the number one fastest growing business in the world. Currently, an estimate of 27 million slavery are taking place in this planet. Men, women and children (average age of 13) are being exploited for sexual labour against their will and manual labour. For the sex slaves, they are forced to serve 40 up to 110 customers per day. You might be wondering where’s the place believed to be the centre of human trafficking? The answer is Greece. For further details about this issue, here’s a link to a not for profit organisation that focuses on saving these people from being traded and rescuing the victims, called as the A21Campaign ( You can take part in this journey of saving humanity either by volunteering, giving donations, and several other ways. I really encourage you to look through their page and think: “how can i contribute?”. Me, myself is trying to raise the awareness in regards to this issue.

trade-of-innocents-25542757I also recommend a movie titled “Trade of Innocents”, based on a true story that took place in Thailand. You can buy it from Ebay or stream it online, up to you. This movie, in short, explains how human beings are being traded as commodities. Watch it, and let me know your thoughts or perhaps give me additional information.


10 thoughts on “Humanity in Online Community

  1. This is an interesting topic Risa. I agree with you nowadays human trafficking has been around and we should stop this. Especially for those under age children. They should enjoying their time at school (studying + playing with friends). I think the Department of Education all over the world have to take a big role in educating students about this issue.

    • True, education is sometimes the key. However, poverty has mainly been the main cause. Some kids are actually being sold by their parents because they can’t pay for their day-to-day necessities anymore. I reckon by NFP organisations such as A21Campaign and World Vision (I saw your post) has made it so easy for us to contribute by having a webpage. We should encourage people our age, above and below to donate. I tried once, and I believe it’s safe, and that’s the least that we can do for others :). Thanks for backing me up Jess!!

  2. I think raising awareness is a great start Risa. Many of us sometimes don’t realise how lucky we have it. The most astounding bit is that it’s happening on our shore too not just some remote country that we have never been to. It’s sickening to hear and disheartening to know where to start sometimes because you think you are too small to make a difference. But I guess if we all make that step, all those lil small bits will amount to much greatness. Keep up the awareness Risa! You have my support. Help us help others I say.

  3. interesting photograph up there! supports the article really well (and made me think really hard as well). i remember watching the movie “Taken” and being emotionally upset during the film; thinking just how cruel the real human-trafficking would be like. it’s kinda heart-breaking to just imagine women, kids, teenager and human in general are being traded like a product in supermarket shelf. though, we can’t deny it that sometimes trader doesn’t really want to do it but it seems to be the only option for them at that time just to survive and feed their children. despite, i think in this situation no excuses should be allowed and the local government should be more strict in handling the situation (as it will affect the morale of the whole country as well).

    • But the movie Taken’s way too Hollywood than the documentaries I’ve watched. I wanted to thank social media for raising the awareness towards this issue. Especially with enabling to connect with those organisations, making us able to participate as well as contribute. This does help a lot in the growth of not for profit organisations u reckon?

  4. yup! totally agree with you. social media indeed plays a vital part in increasing the awareness and help the not-for-profit organisation to grow. after all, i think social media is the effective way in reaching community for social benefit, don’t you think?

    • definitely! Word of mouth is such a strong force in which communication flows. Hopefully more people do become aware and do something about it. Because awareness without action is the same as no awareness. I do hope people encourage others to take action as well. Have tried to donate?

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