Oh, Facebook… Video ads?

ImageI advertised a couple of ads in Facebook: Jayeslee Live in Melbourne 2012 Concert and a bazaar/garage sale that my community group hosted. We reached a lot of people with certain criteria that we specify when filling in the details.

Facebook did come up with a rational and simple way of creating ads. In this mobile world where people are always on the move, marketers will have to be able to adapt. People want to look at stuffs online, therefore creating online ads are very important for businesses’ growth. With this platform of marketing, it will enable firms to ‘hit’ on specific targets, based mainly on their demographic and psychographic characteristics.

Secondly, we can also specify the amount of budget that we’re willing to spend per day or for the lifetime of the ad. In addition, we’ll only be charged based on people’s clicks on our ad (not wasting our resources unless audience are clicking the ad). This gives firms total control over their Facebook advertising budget. Moreover, Facebook’s statistics on daily spending as well as views, reach and frequency provides a detailed record in relation to the ads.



Thirdly, aside from ads, firms can create coupons for customers to claim. This strategy has been used widely by different types of industries, including Babies’R’Us, Hungry Jack’s, Sara Lee, and many other world known brands. Firms can build a wide customer base through their Facebook existence, as well as creating short-term excitements through deals and promotions available online, which is coupon (as an inducement). And the best part is, we can limit the number of people that can claim the coupon, therefore creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency for customers. In addition, it also encourages customers to pay attention to any updates from that certain brand or company.

Well there’s some of the current promotional tools available on Facebook. Going further into recent news, Facebook’s shifting to video ads, with the maximum length of 15 seconds! HOW WILL THIS TURN OUT? We quite ‘hate’ YouTube ads, and now our Facebook page will be crawled with video ads as well????!!

“Facebook debated, for instance, whether to give users the option to stop the video ads from playing automatically—a sensitive issue for users on mobile phones, according to one person close to the company”

Imagine the audience that we can reach through videos! Especially with Facebook saying that marketers will be able to choose the specific segments to target, and pricing will be based on that. Also the potential customers that we may have not known before, we might reach them! This is somewhat an excitement with big opportunities in the long-term, but big resistances from the customers’ side in regards to their convenience.

Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how Facebook video ads will turn out to be. Hopefully they’ll figure out a way to connect marketers and customers in a way that both parties are in favor of. But do share you opinion whether Facebook’s video ads approach is a good or a bad idea?!

Thanks, and will be blogging again soon 🙂

Evelyn, M.R., Suzanne, V. (2013, August 9). Facebook to introduce video ads. The Australian, Retrieved from http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/wall-street-journal/facebook-to-introduce-video-ads/story-fnay3ubk-1226694007576


9 thoughts on “Oh, Facebook… Video ads?

  1. I’d say it’s quite ok but bothersome at the same time. With super slow internet we need to wait to buffer the video but due to curiosity we give our patience and wait to watch the ads and if it is not worth it then there you go explosion of anger hahaha

    • Hha that’s true too, so it’s both positive and negative at the same time. But if Facebook make everyone watch in order to browse through FB, I reckon that would be a big disaster!

      • True, unless there’s a new social networking site that’s engaging enough, then it would have the possibility to outbeat facebook hha. Have u ever tried to advertise on FB? (Just want to know other ppl’s experience if u don’t mind :))

  2. i honestly don’t open my facebook page really often anymore nowadays so probably won’t really affected by it. however it seems quite fair to me as the major income for FB is through advertisement, they need to survive and excel the platform for us, the user and unexceptionally, the marketers too.

  3. To be honest, I don’t take much notice of the ads on the side. I dont find they interfere with what I normally do on Facebook. Because most time I focus on the post. At the same time most the time its off my phone that don’t contain ads.

    • That’s if they go with the ‘on the side’ ads layout though. What if they make ppl wait for the ads before they can access some contents. I read somewhere saying that that’s one of the considerations. Bcos just like what u said, ‘on the side’ ads doesn’t really make a difference. So, would marketers want to use that strategy?

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