Online Fashion Show?! Heck yeahhh!

“Topshop is a phenomenon” New York Times

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Digital marketing has contributed to traditional marketing in so many different ways. Recent online fashion hosted by Topshop in partnership with Google+ has received so many positive feedback and hence, a major success. Below’s a short introduction video  that was released by Google+ 5 days before the event, enjoy!

The event was held in London’s Tate Modern museum. According to Marvin Chow (Google’s global marketing director), this has been the biggest partnership with a major brand by far.

I’m pretty sure there will be more brands approaching this strategy in regards to branding as well as communicating to the mass audience. This strategy has enabled so many people across different countries to experience live fashion shows, as if they’re in the same city. Topshop and Google+ has tried to make the experience as literal as possible, and opening up direct communications through Google Hangout. They let audience to watch the show from different point of views, on stage, backstage, makeup and front row. As for Google Hangout, Q&As was hosted by Topshop for viewers to communicate with its design team.

Aside from watching the fashion show live online, viewers can actually purchase the items on the fashion show. In addition, another digital marketing tool was also utilised, which is “Be the Buyer App” that enable viewers to create look boards with pieces form the runway collection. aided by advice from style blog partners on Google+.

Another feature promoted by Topshop is the online diaries of its models, which are Clara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Rosie Tapner and Ashleigh Good, titled ‘Road to the runway’. This allow viewers to engage more with the models by following their journey as Topshop models. Again, emotional attachment were built.

This ‘future of fashion show’ hosted by Topshop has shown the effective use of social media such as Google+, YouTube, as well as Facebook and Twitter as social sharing tools. Those are the pre event and during event promotional tools. As for the post-event marketing, blogs and publicity majorly takes place. Fashion bloggers, newspaper agencies, magazines and other online and offline information platforms posted news in regards to the event. Therefore, excitement were created pre, during and post of the event.

Overall, this type of marketing has majorly contributed to Topshop brand as an active brand both online and offline, and brand associations also created through its partnership with Google+ (positive brand association). Moreover, this blog post is about showing everyone how creative ways in utilising social media can bring massive impact to brands. Therefore, think OUTSIDE THE BOX and ENGAGE!

P.S. Only engage and build relationship with those that has prospectus future lifetime value, as well as those that merit relationships.

See you next time! 

Google. (2013). Topshop – Photos – Google. [Image]. Retrieved August 26, 2013, from


16 thoughts on “Online Fashion Show?! Heck yeahhh!

  1. Such a cool idea – great way to reach a wider global audience. I wonder how they’ll cater for the seasonal differences (winter vs. summer fashions etc.) in their styles. Or maybe this is the start of ‘all seasons’ collections?

    • Perhaps seasonal differences would be a barrier. But for Topshop’s A/W collection would already be in store by the time Australia’s going into winter (fall). Just like Zara. And A/W collection’s the one that used the online fashion show method. Even though there are countries with summer running all year, they still sell winter clothing as well. Have you checked the videos on YouTube? I was so surprised, cool trend huh!!

    • yeap, technologically fashionable lol. Aside from online shopping, this open up the chance for buyers from across the world to get an insight look into new season collections. Smart! Business 2 business opportunities instead of B2C only. Check out topman’s. they might have one as well hha

  2. I like the idea of the model’s online diaries, readers might become interested to buy the products when they see how it fits to the models. It’s really cool knowing topshop got brilliant ideas there 😀

    • yes true, it surprises me as well. This is a marketing strategy for B2B as well, not just B2C. They’re targeting to fashion buyers as well. Smart move! Perhaps this kind of strategies are the ones that keep Topshop standing with many retail chains, even though online shops presence is strengthening as well.

    • Yea perhaps because we’re not their target market. I think they’re mainly targeting on fashion bloggers and fashion buyers. As for us, they’re focusing more towards the awareness and IT part of the brand. Love the internet don’t we? Lol

    • I’m pretty sure there are other brands using this approach. Especially in this ‘copy and paste’ world. Perhaps H&M might have one in the future. Smart way of targeting B2B customers through Be the Buyer app right?

    • pretty sure they will. Even Topshop might be copying other brand(s) that we’re not aware of. Well anyway, it’s not about the first mover, but about how us as a brand communicate the strategy to the world. And in this case, Topshop has done a great job 🙂

  3. it’s very interesting way of fashion show, i am sure it’s gonna be the future, it brings a 3D experience for everyone!

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