12 thoughts on “So what’s your story?

  1. Wow, pretty cool. I checked out your about me page, it definitely conveys your personality. I love the idea of making a firm more personable through its people. Good to see you putting your own theories into practise 🙂

    • I just figured it out a couple of months ago surprisingly. I reckon this team profile thing is the same as marketing ourself to either potential employers or clients. Depending on whom we want to engage with, and how we’re going to engage them. You should try make yours :), quite fun I might say.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Websites are key to initially “connecting” with your customers as your brands can say so much about your company! Even though people say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I am quite judgemental to poorly developed websites and wish I could fix them sometimes (free internship, maybe!?)

    Going back to your topic, I remember reading such a silly “About Us” page that I will never forget: https://willpwn4food.com/about.aspx Once you read their “About Us” page, you can predict how their culture and working environment is like. it’s cool to see people becoming more and more creative in showcasing who they are and what they do!

    • Yes, we do straight away judge a brand or a firm by its website. So, perception is reality. The scope of engaging and connecting to ppl has gotten wider and wider, so we do have to be as creative as possible. But still have to be suitable to the target audience. Have you checked out the style co website i posted here? I love love love their layout and everything. Too bad they didn’t make a profile page for their team

      • Ohh thanks for that! I did a quick browse last time, so must’ve missed this page. Anyway, that’s exactly the point of having a unique and creatively presented website, so ppl like us would get excited and more curious with what the organisation can do!

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