Selena Gomez for Adidas NEO

Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 9.10.52 PM

Checkout this new campaign of Adidas for promoting their Winter 2013 apparel and shoes collection. Selena as their guest designer!

Once you go to the website (Selena Gomez for Adidas NEO 2013), you’ll firstly see a video of Selena wearing Adidas’ clothing line and new shoe collection. Your cursor will change into a camera, and you’ll be able to take snapshots out of the video to be submitted. The photos submitted will then be placed for competition, and if Adidas loves it, they’ll make it famous! And if Selena loves it, she’ll make it as her cover photo on Facebook. Cool huh?

I just checked it out, love the video, the song, love all about it. Their targeting is quite obvious this time, sort of aiming towards the sporty chic, just like Selena Gomez (her strong personality in the eyes of other people). Aside from Selena Gomez, Adidas also invited Justin Bieber to design the male look (lookbook). Well, I’ll just focus on Selena :p.

Here are some snapshots I took from the video, which one’s the best? I’ll enter the most voted one :).

Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 8.47.13 PM Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 8.54.28 PM Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 8.54.38 PM Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 8.55.16 PM Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 8.56.48 PM

Basically, I love how Adidas targeted on the younger generation by using these two rebellious, sexy and hip icons.  The way they present this marketing strategy is definitely showcasing how younger people are more innovative and need much more effort to attract their attention. Plus, Selena herself uses her own social media tools to promote it! Hence, more engagement and desirable associations are built.

Well that’s all that I wanted to share, and please do vote for which shot you love. I might win something lol. See you, cheers!

11 thoughts on “Selena Gomez for Adidas NEO

    • Indeed. They chose the ones that are mostly relevant to their advertising objective. And selena gomez is quite a perfect one, with her current success. Especially combining her with such a cool technological approach. The web is getting much more persuasive

  1. Collaborations between brands I think are a fantastic idea. Its such a straight forward way for consumers to positively link their brand with the connotations associated with another. However from the marketers perspective, I can imagine it would be more challenging than just saying lets do that. Working with two brands together who have the same goal is one thing, but they would each have their own unique secondary motivations for doing the collaboration and negotiating between these would great a lot of challenges.

    • hey corinne, thanks for your thoughts. I just wanted to clarify, when u said about 2 brands, are u saying selena and adidas or adidas and neo? Because neo is just the line’s name as far as i know.

      • Yeah I’m referring to Selena! Both her and Adidas are targeting the same consumers through the collaboration however are both wanting to achieve alternative objectives out of it.

      • Oo ok, thanks for ur clarification. Anyway, they both do have sort of different subtle motives. Selena’s promoting herself as a designer, and she got paid by Adidas as well (double profit) lol. Did u feel engaged when u looked at the ad? Feeling wanting to buy and all?

      • I reckon so. I don’t think we’re in their target audience. They’re targeting more towards the younger generation. But anyway, still sort of fun for us lol

  2. wow, im very surprised that adidas chose selena and bieber as their new brand ambassador! This will defintely attract more customers from new segment. But do you think this will work for current adidas lover? or dont you think they will feel ‘cheated’ as their favorite brand is now represent by them and not a real sport athlete?

  3. I Love this, very creative way to target a certain demographic. These ambassador’s are defiantly something out of the normal, able to attract a different segment than what they normally do. Great post, hope you win!

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