Loving infographics aren’t we?


When you visit a website, instead of delivering their information in the form of simply writings, they present them in graphics, hence the name infographics. It’s basically about visualizing your data, isn’t that cool? So that more right brainer can easily access and understand your info.

This is applicable for both B2B and B2C industries, as part of their content marketing.

Several advantages that firms can gain out of adopting infographics are:

  • Driving traffic to websites.
  • Higher social sharing possibilities.
  • More satisfied customers – simplicity of the method used in delivering information.
  • Higher page views.
  • increase in engagement with audiences.

(taken from Marketing Tech Blog).

Here are some interesting infographics I found… From something related to general issues…

*ClickΒ hereΒ for source.
Up to a B2C firm called Timberland delivering information in regards to their concern towards the environment.timberland-dating-infographic

*Click here for source.

So basically, any kind of information can be communicated in the form of infographics. That explains the rise of this trend, as it is applicable in every organisation.

To even simplify the process, there are firms (online) that specially cater to the needs of instant and simple infographics creation. They provide the templates with an approximate cost of $12 each, and we can add information as we want to. Cool huh?

And… here’s my infographic :), I used Piktochart, for free of course. Yay or nay?


What I figured out, we can even use infographics for our resume! Talking about being creative and presentable πŸ˜€

Care to take the challenge of infographic’ing your resume? lol

18 thoughts on “Loving infographics aren’t we?

  1. I love infographics! I have designed a couple of infographics and they’re actually harder to create than you think… I worked at a technology association that helped startups and we always had to update our infographic every month. These featured # of startups helped, amount of revenue generated, # of meetings with clients, and more! It was pretty cool working with figures and numbers and I always felt good seeing the numbers grow!

    So actually producing my own inforgraphics actually have forced me to love ’em!

    • hard for sure! it took me about an hour to finish the one that I posted… hha
      to be honest, what’s not to love about infographics? Ppl like us might get easily bored with chunks of info. But with infographics, we can skim through with our brain actually capturing the figures hence the info.

      For your work, do you create your own template or hire someone else to design it? cool job btw πŸ™‚

  2. I also love infographics. Definitely a great way to learn a lot of information in an efficient and pleasant way. Also- cool idea you mentioned using them for resumes! will have to give that a go

    • Yes, i remembered from a tutor at uni saying that, when we’re looking for jobs, it’s about marketing ourselves. Then infographics comes along lol. Have u ever seen a website using infographics? Particular brands?

  3. I’m definitely a fan of infographics – finally data that isn’t boring! Someone did a really good blog post showing some cool infographics as resumes, they are a clear and useful way to show the key information you need (though sometimes you do have to dig a little deeper) πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I did mine (super simple), and it took me abt an hour. But it’s worth it I reckon :D. When u see infographics, does it ease ur learning? Does it make u easier to understand and follow the structure? But too much infographics would be boring too tho hha

    • True. But just like blogs, it has to be simple and not too crowded. Or else we’ll easily get annoyed hence not attracted anymore. Keeping it simple is the key I reckon. Hard tho lol

  4. Infographics are pretty cool stuffs as it makes the reader understand much easier. It contains much lesser words and straight to the point. Hopefully new research articles will made out of infographics LOL.

    • Hha true! So when we do research papers, it will all be made easier lol. But still, the amount of appropriate infographics presented by a firm, its content, length, etc. has to be appropriate. Bcos not everyone is a right brainer :).

  5. I really love infographic, it is simplistic and visual give people ease of understand. I can see that infographic will be a big hit in years to come as a source of good marketing strategy!

  6. I totally agree with you, infographic may become a new way to do presentation or for resume since it is got interesting feature and looks cool. I hope company will added to use infographic rather than resume, lol. anyway, very interesting post πŸ™‚

    If you have time, please visit and comment my blog in digitalgrabber.wordpress.com

    Thanks πŸ˜€

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