About Risa

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Born in 1992, a Melbournian, a student, a hard worker, passionate in marketing, shopping enthusiast, a singer in the making, and well … trying to figure out the rest of me myself. This blog is dedicated for my MKF3881 unit at uni (e-marketing). I’ll be posting digital marketing related posts, and definitely incorporating my (mediocre) addiction in shopping, as well my thoughts in certain issues. This will involve my journey in discovering the latest digital marketing updates, how it makes my life both easier and harder at the same time. Here I’ll also share some bits of information about me.


Typical day?

As a full time student and part time employee, my days can be considered as quite busy. If it’s uni day, then I’d usually sleep really late (finishing all my homework, assignments and readings), wake up quite late as well, and jet off to uni. If it’s working day, then it would be the other way around. I’d sleep quite early and wake up early in the morning as well. But I do get day offs sometimes, and I’d spend the whole day streaming for online TV series (Suits been crazy good!), experiment with sandwiches (I love bread terribly much lol). So basically, weekdays would be my anti social days :(.

As for the weekends, it would be my social days.  My schedule’s usually organised around church activities. Either practice for sunday service on saturdays, or hanging out with friends. For Sundays, it would be church and Chaddy time :D. I love love love … Chadstone! The closest shopping mall to the ones in Jakarta, Indonesia.



When asked about interests, I’d say shopping (both online and offline) is on the top of my list, hence my passion for fashion. I’ve actually been restraining myself from going online and browse through online stores. It’s driving me nuts sometimes, knowing that I can’t help myself to fill in my online carts, and proceed to checkout straight away (major impulse purchase issue apparently). The second interest goes to my passion for singing (major stage fright problem though), and expressing it through my service at my local church. Aside from myself, I do have other interests, especially with animals, particularly dogs. I have 6 dogs of my own, and been missing them since I left Jakarta in the beginning of 2011. My last interest would be food. I do love to try out new restaurants as well as cooking I guess, and Italian and Western are my two favourite cuisines.




Btw, this grassy background is taken from Beyond The Sign.

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