e-SHOPPER Gallery


Photo on 2013-08-15 at 12.36Received this package this afternoon, so happy :). I’ve been meaning to try this Kerastase hair volumizing shampoo, and it’s finally here! It took less than a week between my ordering and receiving time. Did I mention that the shipping’s free? Cheaper than retail price, PLUS a free shipping. I just wanted to share you this excitement of mine about this online shop. But still, there’s an annoying element of their online shop that should’ve been taken care of by now. Here’s the thing: When I was checking out, the webpage was very unclear in stating which button to press to proceed with my purchase. There was no ‘SUBMIT’ button anywhere, only a ‘SECURE PAYMENT’ logo (have no idea that that’s the button that I should’ve pressed). The thing with online payments, we’re often scared that if we pressed any wrong buttons, we might ended up be charged twice for the item. So I spent about 5 minutes to make a decision which button to press, then voila, luckily I pressed the right one. I decided to send an email commenting on this. Hopefully they’ll take it under consideration and get on to it.


IMG_9614Got a present for my 21st from my besties in Indonesia and Perth. They bought me this nice Valentino bracelet, and ordered it from http://www.net-a-porter.com/. We’ve been using online shopping for many years since we live in different cities and countries. This make my life SO MUCH EASIER!! CHEAPER as well!! but don’t miscalculate the shipping time though, might ended with what happened with me. This package arrived 1 month before my birthday LOL. Had to force myself not to open the package (hard but worth the surprise :D).  


IMG_5050Waited for quite a while for this baby to be in the market, and finally I bought it from http://www.shopbop.com/. Another thing about the digital world that I love. Previously when I was in Indonesia, I had to wait for my desired stuff to be available in store. But now in Melbourne, I can buy almost everything online, as well as being ahead in trending items (that’s just me wanting to be one of the firsts :p). Oh well, been loving this baby ever since I got them. Let’s look through websites to find out new cute cases!! LOL

Any thoughts?

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